A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Glitch Escape is a 3D platformer set in the astral realm. This game was originally inspired by sleep paralysis and the metaphysical theories surrounding astral projection being one of the gateways to high dimensions. The game tells a story about characters who struggle with their reality and falls victim to an antagonist who wants to keep them forever in the "astral realm". The protagonist must face their fear, the antagonist: a version of themself that does not want to wake up, in order to save the others (who are also versions of them from other world lines).

We have full gamepad support, and the game is best played with a gamepad :)

Find out more at our website, https://glitch-escape.wixsite.com/game

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Glitch Escape Windows Build 62 MB
Glitch Escape Mac Build 65 MB


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Thanks for letting me try your game. I was mesmerized by the dashing and multidimensional platforming.